1. download for free or offer a donation! Totally up to you and both are greatly appreciated! 





  4. samdesantis:

    gonna post a bunch of photos today 

    get ready


    chris goin ham


  5. samdesantis:

    i’m the sleepiest but i’m gonna stay up and edit photos anyways 

    Picture from the show tonight in Cape May. Thanks, Sam! <3


  6. Here’s a short video of our set at the Sex Dungeon in Jersey. First song is a new one with the working title Truths We Have Known but Have Forgotten and the second is Debt Slaves.


  7. We’re playing Kung Fu Necktie tonight. Show starts at 8pm. 21+

    Come say hi.


  8. We talkin’ bout practice


  9. So we have a pretty cool announcement to make….

    We have made the decision to add a second guitarist to the Mohican family. It has been a long time coming and we are very happy to have found such a perfect fit.

    Everybody, meet Danny Reguera.


  10. picked this up earlier today, our studio gear is slowly building which means we’ll have more music for you guys. check out our upcoming show dates, and come hang out with us if you’re in the area.